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Quality Control

  • The school has a child protection policy that is binding to all the teachers, parents and support staff. It is a very conscious and inclusive document developed by the contribution and cooperation of all stakeholders. Everyone at KCCL owns, understands and continues to play their part in the implementation and upholding of the principles therein;
  • The School has an education committee made up of experts with a keen understanding of education policies who examine and continuously improve on the policies guiding KCCL's curriculum;
  • Under the supervision of the Board, we have developed a governance structure that informs all the school's operations including hiring and compensation of our staff;
  • Reporting to the board, KCCL has various committees that provide an oversight role;
  • The Finance Committee is in charge of procurement and budget approvals;
  • The HR and Education Committee supervises processes involving the hiring of staff, remuneration, and staff appraisals;
  • The Public Relations & Fundraising committee oversees branding needs, forging new partnerships, nurturing existing relationships and creating awareness;
  • As community based organization, parents constitute the composition of the board and committees. The school principle sits on the board. She is also the secretary to the board; The school is registered and operates under the ambit of the ministry of education;
  • All our teachers are registered under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC);
  • Our curriculum is accredited by Edexcel. It is also approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD);
  • The school's books of account are audited each year by an independent auditing firm approved and appointed by the parents during the annual general meeting.