Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum entails Learning differently

The academic stream is for students whose learning challenges are mild to moderate. With good support, they are able to pursue mainstream career paths. In most cases, learning disabilities do not affect an individual’s intelligence. We are dealing with smart individuals whose brains process information differently. This poses a challenge in information acquisition and retention. Our teachers have special training to utilize accommodation and remediation tools and techniques to overcome this hurdle. This is the reason our students "Learn Differently" as the tagline suggests.

Subject Overview Of KCCL

Industrial Techniques Used


When teaching a student with learning challenges, lessons must be especially innovative, creative and flexible to respond to and be prepared for lesson changes midstream. This is because of varied sets of perceptual and communication skills among the students. It can never be a one-size-fits-all. Our teaching techniques combine tasks, direct instructions, multisensory and an experiential approach to give students the best environment for learning.


Teaching students with learning challenges can be described as an intervention process determining what the student must learn, how to teach it, on a day-to-day or lesson-by-lesson schedule. The instructional activities are fashioned to mediate the student difficulties by providing individualized basic skills instructions.


Students with learning difficulties need inexpensive and simple changes in classroom routines to help them succeed in school. For example, a child with a learning disability may need extra time on tests. A child who is visually impaired may need books with large print. These simple changes are referred to as accommodations.

Accommodations allow students with learning challenges to benefit from interventions enabling them to achieve more. Whereas our students sit for the same examinations as their counterparts in mainstream schools, tests are done under the dispensation of the Special Consideration ambit as provided for by laws under Access Arrangement, governing educational institutions.

Each year, during examination registration period, KCCL applies for accommodations particular to each and every candidate. Examination centres are then governed by these guidelines. The Edexcel Awarding Body is increasingly cognisant of accommodations that our candidates require to successfully sit for their tests.

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