Vocational Curriculum

The vocational stream is for students with significant learning challenges. They may not be able to fully pursue mainstream academic and career paths. They attend a vocational curriculum that affords them skills to integrate and function in society. These include numeracy, practical life skills, communication skills, etiquette and understanding your surroundings.

Numeracy training is very specific on imparting the concept of money and its value. Consequently, time also features under this skill set. Our task is to demystify the abstractness of time, enabling individuals to accurately understand how to tell time and the activities that follow particular periods of the day like morning, noon, evening and night. The concept of weights and measurements is also explored under numeracy.

Practical life skills curriculum focuses on theory content and real life activities infused in all classes. The sequence includes hygiene and understanding bodily functions. Students build a foundation using conceptual ideas like generating a shopping list and undertaking the actual purchase of the items. To enable outdoor excursions like a Zebra Crossing and road safety skills are tested.

A bulk of practical life skills dwells on vocational training. Students choose thematic course in crafts like bead works, weaving and crockery. The program emphasizes hands-on experience in creative expression.