Assessment and Placements

KCCL is an assessment centre serving candidates applying to join our institution as well as those seeking placements to other educational facilities.

Each candidate is assessed to identify their learning challenge and a report submitted to the parents and teachers. The report serves various functions including placement of the student in the right class and development of an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) – the hallmark of our teaching model. This is a major differentiator between KCCL and other schools. The IEP is a document that describes the services to which your child is entitled. It greatly enhances the learning experiences of our students.

IEPs play a pivotal role in profiling the child by identifying areas of weakness, areas that can be improved, and the strengths. Out of these findings, short-term and long-term objectives are developed.

Assessment & Placements Therapy Services Assessments are vital collaborative efforts that involve parents, teachers, doctors and therapists to give the child a holistic approach.

Therapy Services

Therapy is an integral part of our curriculum. Our Therapy Centre provides the following therapy services to our students: