Precious Muthoni

Precious Muthoni Gichari

Categories: Alumni

Am Precious Muthoni, 21 years of age. I was born with Celebral Palsy (CP) condition, and through God’s sufficient grace, I have worked very hard on myself with the support of my loving family and friends. I have promised myself that celebral palsy will not define who I am and who I will be – neither will it kill my spirit for I know – disability is not inability.

Despite my struggles as a differently abled girl, I have always loved school, I went to school in Kenya Community Centre for Learning (KCCL), where I sat for year 6, year 9 and year 11 exams. I later joined Mahanaim college to study IT IN 2022. Later in 2023, I joined Strathmore University for a certificate course in IT. Beyond this, I participated and was fortunate enough to be named Miss Autism, Kenya 2023/2024. In life, When you accept yourself the way you are, the world must accepts you.

My purpose in life is to motivate those who do not like themselves in the mirror or in real life: Yet they have speech, they can speak well and they can ably walk. I struggle with my speech but am working on it. One day, I will speak well and all of you will hear me. That day will come. Am not going to give up.

My experience this far is that you cannot achieve things alone, so many have made me who I am. I thank my family, my friends, KCCL fraternity and especially Strathmore University, just like KCCL its one institution that recognized me and never labelled me as disabled, but as differently abled.